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Lie in the Dark (Paperback)

Lie in the Dark Cover Image
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Chasing murderers in the middle of a civil war might seem absurd, and also dangerous. But that is Investigator Petric's job as one of the few homicide detectives left in Sarajevo. Anarchy masquerades as authority, and Petric must struggle against the chaos even to remain the policeman and not become the prey.

Lie in the Dark brilliantly renders the fragmented society and underworld of Sarajevo at war--the freelancing gangsters, guilty bystanders, the drop-in foreign correspondents, and the bureaucrats frightened for their jobs and very lives. It weaves through this torn cityscape the alienation and terror of one man's desperate and deadly pursuit of bad people in an even worse place.

About the Author

Dan Fesperman, a former foreign correspondent for the Baltimore Sun, is the author of eight novels of international intrigue. His books have won a Dashiell Hammett Award for best novel and two Dagger awards from the British Crime Writers Association. His latest book, The Double Game, will be published in 2012.

Praise For…

"This book has all the elements we love in a top-notch crime fiction: Strong plot, realistic descriptions, rich character development and intriguing story-line.... We strongly recommend this book to all fans of mystery novels." —Mystery Tribune

"This is a humane and moving book, a great war novel, a great crime novel. A great novel period.”—Ian Rankin

“A vivid, beautifully written book.... Lie in the Dark marks the appearance of an exciting new talent.”—Laura Lippman

“Far more than just a murder mystery, Lie in the Dark is a moody, at times dire, evocation ... of one honorable man’s dogged attempts to find truth and reason within a most unreasonable, hellish landscape.” —Dennis Lehane

“A vivid chronicle of the desperation and deprivation of life in a city under seige and of the willingness of its inhabitants to profit from that condition.” —Examiner.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781616950644
ISBN-10: 1616950641
Publisher: Soho Crime
Publication Date: March 6th, 2012
Pages: 276
Language: English

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