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Maud Casey and Mark Durant: The Art of Mystery: The Search for Questions

The Ivy Bookshop

Acclaimed novelist Maud Casey delivers the fourteenth volume in the Art of series, conjuring an ethereal subject: the idea of mystery in fiction.

Mystery is not often discussed―apart from the genre―because, as Maud Casey says, “It’s not easy to talk about something that is a whispered invitation, a siren song, a flickering light in the distance.” Casey reaches beyond the usual tool kit of fictional elements to ask the question: Where does mystery reside in a work of fiction? She looks at the variety of ways mystery is created through character, image, structure, and haunted texts, including the novels of Shirley Jackson, Paul Yoon, J. M. Coetzee, and more. Casey’s wide-ranging discussion encompasses spirit photography, the radical nature of empathy, and contradictory characters, as she searches for questions rather than answers. The Art of Mystery is a striking and vibrant addition to the much-loved Art of series.

Maud Casey is the author of three novels, most recently The Man Who Walked Away, and a story collection, Drastic. She is the grateful recipient of the Italo Calvino Prize, the St. Francis College Literary Prize, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. She lives in Washington, D.C. and teaches at the University of Maryland.

Mark Durant is a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His photographs, installations and performances have been presented internationally including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Artist’s Space in New York. He has written extensively on the nexus of photography, performance and cultural phenomena with essays appearing in such journals as Art in America, Art on Paper, ArtUS, Art Journal, Afterimage, Dear Dave, Exposure, New Art Examiner and PLUK. He is the editor of the online journal Saint Lucy which is devoted to writing about photography, contemporary art and the lovely people of Baltimore. Mark Durant received his B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has served on the faculties of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, UCLA, the University of New Mexico, Syracuse University, and the Milton Avery Graduate School for the Arts at Bard College. He lives in Baltimore.







Event Details

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 7:00pm


The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

by Dr. Radut