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Shirley's Corner May 5th

Posted By: kylesolomon

Pretty As a Picture by Elizabeth Little
What’s funny about murder? In Elizabeth Little’s hands, just about every other paragraph. She has crafted the fastest, wittiest, page-turniest locked-room mystery precisely when I needed it most. Marissa Dahl is a film editor burdened by crazy-like-a- fox personality issues, not unlike those of Sherlock Holmes. With two corpses, one old and one new, a couple of Nancy Drew-ish junior sleuths, and enough cinephile references
to pack a Hollywood Who’s Who, this heartwarming mystery made me happy. So pace yourself and do not surrender to a binge. Quarantine is a lot more fun when you’re smiling.

Circe by Madeline Miller


Shirley's Corner April 27th

Posted By: kylesolomon

Three Hours in Paris – Cara Black


Shirley's Corner April 20th

Posted By: kylesolomon

Indie bookstore customers are the best.

BCE (before coronavirus epidemic) I travelled widely, following the “busman’s holiday” model of sightseeing: show me the books. One of my favorite stops over the past ten years has been City Lights Booksellers and Publishers in San Francisco, a biannual destination when visiting grandchildren. I became so familiar with the store favorites, that I even had a staff soulmate (don’t worry, my husband Arthur knows) whom I have never met. “Paul” liked the same books I did. When he picked titles I didn’t know about, I’d write them down, each time buying at least one to be a good bookshop citizen.


Shirley's Corner

Posted By: emilymiller

I’m missing the heck out of The Ivy. As much as I love walking around Lake Roland listening to Libro downloads (ask us how to join), or leaning back in my favorite chair with an advanced readers copy of an upcoming Indie Best Pick, I need to share my new faves with you. 



by Dr. Radut