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Book of the Day: Ghost, by Jason Reynolds


Book of the Day: Ghost, by Jason Reynolds

Posted By: RebeccaOppenheimer

Rona London reviews her pick for Book of the Day:

Thirteen-year-old Castle "Ghost" Crenshaw has spent the last three years running from a past in which his father shot at him and his mother, from poverty and from the anger that sometimes consumes him. After a particularly bad day at school, Ghost finds himself watching the track team and challenging its star member to a race. The track coach spots Ghost's raw talent, and he joins the team with the stipulation that he can't get into any more fights. Despite his best intentions, Ghost struggles to control his emotions and actions. He knows he needs to change, and with help from his team, his mother and Coach, he makes strides but not without missteps. Ghost is a wonderful book about a boy learning not to run away from himself and his problems. It tackles important issues in a way that is endearing, compassionate, humorous and poignant.

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