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Book of the Day: Soar, by Joan Bauer


Book of the Day: Soar, by Joan Bauer

Posted By: RebeccaOppenheimer

Rona London reviews her pick for Book of the Day, Soar:

Jem has had his share of challenges. Abandoned as an infant and plagued by a virus that required a heart transplant, he has triumphed nonetheless. Adopted by a loving father and passionate about baseball, his only regret is that he cannot play his favorite sport. When father and son relocate to a new city, Jem begins attending school in a baseball-obsessed town whose team was recently disbanded because of tragedy and scandal. Jem's love of the game is contagious, and he inspires not only his classmates, but his new community to heal and begin anew. Jem and his team triumph, learning not only about sports, but also about courage, wit, resourcefulness and strength in the face of obstacles.

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