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The Big War (Paperback)

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“One must go back to All Quiet on the Western Front to find another novel as charged as this one!” — Philadelphia Inquirer


They were our husbands, our fathers, our lovers, our sons. They were Americans and Marines. And this is their story: The Big War, Anton Myrer's panoramic novel of Marines in the Pacific in World War II. 

This is the story of Alan Newcombe, the Boston society Harvard man; Danny Kantaylis, the natural-born leader; Jay O'Neill, the barroom scrapper. Myrer does not glorify war; he does not flinch from describing what the actual experience of warfare was like for a desperate group of Marines trapped in some of the worst fighting conditions of the war. We learn about their lives at home and their fates on the battlefield.

About the Author

While attending Harvard University, Anton Myrer (1922-1996) enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps immediately after the Pearl Harbor attacks. He served for three years during World War II until he was wounded in the Pacific. He is also the author of the novels The Big War, The Last Convertible, and A Green Desire.

Praise For…

“One must go back to All Quiet on the Western Front to find another novel as charged as this one!”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Brilliant and terrifying. . . . This is some of the most eloquent war writing that has been done.”
Saturday Review

“Zest, humor, compassion, emotional truth.”
Boston Herald

“Magnificent. . . more terrifying, more convincing battle scenes have not been described.”
Cleveland Press
Product Details
ISBN: 9780060934736
ISBN-10: 0060934735
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: December 4th, 2001
Pages: 512
Language: English

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