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A Plum Jewel (Paperback)

A Plum Jewel Cover Image
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Is Louise Wellesley insane? In 1940 she fled the Gestapo in Nazi-run Paris, escaping torture and death. In 1941 she parachuted into southern France and now everyone wants her head - the Vichy police, Gestapo, the Resistance, even the Catholic Church. She's captured and tortured but discovers a terrible secret. Special Operations Executive agents are being killed in France thanks to a traitor in the SOE headquarters in Baker Street, London. It could be anyone. Louise can't radio the fact because it may tip off the mole. To get back to England and expose the collaborator, she needs to escape from France on the Freedom Trail to Spain. That means climbing the mighty Pyrenees where enemy patrols, traitors, sheer drops and a raging river await. Her acting skills have never been so tested. How can she discover the SOE Judas? A Plum Jewel is Nancy Wake and Sherlock Holmes meets Louise Beatrice Wellesley aka Plum.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780949175663
ISBN-10: 0949175668
Publisher: Fox Plays
Publication Date: May 14th, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English

by Dr. Radut