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Trail of Dreams (Hardcover)

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Michelle, a 15-year-old with more responsibility than most, gets sent, along with her two brothers, to live with her Aunt Karen when her father gets deployed on an eight month Navy assignment. She dreads having her life uprooted once again. When she has to leave the city life to move to farm country in rural Pennsylvania, she thinks she's entered another world. She has - just not the one she anticipated.

She soon finds her life entwined with a crow and her Cherokee ancestors, Fala and Cheveyo, who were forced to endure the "Trail of Tears." Strange and vivid dreams start to invade Michelle's sleep and even stranger experiences become part of her waking hours. She seeks guidance from her mystically-minded Aunt Sandra to get explanations for what's taking place. Some of those answers come from an Oneida Indian Shaman called Grandfather. The rest must come from her awareness. She must keep Grandfather's words in mind always, "You will know your purpose when it is time."

About the Author

Dana Kittendorf has drawn on years of writing experience and her knack for finding the right words. That combined with her knowledge of magical, mystical, and metaphysical themes has yielded her first book, Trail of Dreams. Dana currently resides in Miramar, Florida, with her husband and two daughters.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781440177873
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: October 13th, 2009
Pages: 136

by Dr. Radut