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James and The Band of Fire (Paperback)

James and The Band of Fire By Brandt R. Gibson Cover Image
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In our world exists a group of unique individuals, self-identified as Titans, that have been blessed with unique abilities. These seven abilities include Telepathy, Orientopathy, Chronopathy, Herculopathy, Zoonophonia, Hippocratesense, and Hoplonosmithy. These skills are utilized by The Band of Fire, a unique underground organization living among us, to protect the world from evil individuals and evil influences.

It was James Adamson, at age 8, who began to notice he had unique even strange abilities. On his 12th birthday he learned he was a Titan and even more unique than he ever knew. And he was now being invited, with his best friend Bekah, to a specialized summer camp called Campus Gaea, where Doc McAdams and other teachers would help the young Titans develop their skills and grow into powerful members of The Band of Fire. But the growth and learning James would experience during that first summer would only become more important when his very family was threatened by a counterfeit band of evil Titans lead by a sister he didn't even know he had.

Could a 12-year-old really be strong enough to stand against evil?

Under the careful tutelage of Master Doc McAdams, James comes to understand more fully his Titan abilities and the true power that comes from friendship. Only together are they truly powerful

Product Details
ISBN: 9781640853058
ISBN-10: 1640853057
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: July 24th, 2018
Pages: 410
Language: English

by Dr. Radut