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Unperishable Humans: Why Humans Will Never Become Extinct (Paperback)

Unperishable Humans: Why Humans Will Never Become Extinct Cover Image
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Amongst all species created on this Earth, Humans are perhaps the only species who have survived for long. In the course of Evolution, many species got extinct. This book discusses the progress that Humans have made and how they remain Imperishable, and would never get extinct. What makes them Different from other species of living creatures? Biologically Humans have not change since the last 200,000 years. It is the mind and mental development which has evolved with discoveries and inventions for the betterment of Humans. We are moving towards the Era of Humanism from the Era of Gods. What and how these changes have taken place? This book discusses in details various aspect of our evolution which helps us to survive and ultimately make us Imperishable. Since we have not changed biologically, our evolution till today involves Human Behavior and Human sexuality. Both these aspects have been discussed in details and how these evolved to protect us from extinction. How our Mind, thought and feelings evolved with the changing time and how it helps us to protect. Furthermore, Genetics and transference of information, and Cellular Biology which helps us to understand the evolutionary process and how humans used these information to understand Humanism. A New Era of Humanism has started. This will cause all Humans on this earth to come together. The process has already began, with Internet and Social Media. Our Cooperativeness will lead us to Humanism, worshiping Humans (Corporate). Today our pursuit is for Happiness and Immortality, which we have not achieved yet. This has remained the domain of Religion and God. Humanism may ultimately achieve this also making everything else redundant. This will make us Imperishable.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781717942746
ISBN-10: 1717942741
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 9th, 2018
Pages: 250
Language: English

by Dr. Radut