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The Deconstructionists Playbook (Paperback)

The Deconstructionists Playbook Cover Image
By Crystal Cheatham (Editor), Theresa Ta (Editor)
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The Deconstructionists Playbook is a compilation of authors speaking to a wide and diverse audience all cresting the same wave: Evangelicalism. Call us backsliders, Exvies, or spiritual misfits, but we've exited more traditional church spaces and rhetoric and are anxious to reconstruct our ideas on God, the Bible, and religion. With the chorus of some 60 authors, journey through an anthology of devotional days that celebrate this epic churning of faith. In three sections, these authors invite you to deconstruct religion and systems of oppression, reconstruct faith principles around the elements of social justice, and step happily into liberation theology as an act of resistance against white supremacy and patriarchy. By taking part in this emulsion of ideas, you will find yourself in a movement of acceptance, self love, and finding God in mysterious places. We invite you in.

This is not your typical devotional.

The Deconstructionists Playbook comprises selections from devotionals that have been published by Our Bible App in the last few years. In 2017, Crystal Cheatham set out to create a mobile Bible app where users could read devotionals concerned about topics outside the norm for traditional Christian publishing. These devotionals are explicitly queer-affirming, anti-racist, pro-feminism, and encouraging of interfaith inclusion. Today, the app has published hundreds of devotionals while bringing together a once fragmented community of spiritual wanderers.

This devotional anthology is meant to guide you through a journey of faith deconstruction, reconstruction, and liberation. Our authors are concerned with naming and dismantling oppressive systems and beliefs-especially when it comes from within the Church.

With the chorus of some 60+ authors, journey through this anthology of devotions. Come celebrate this epic churning of faith through the deconstruction of our religion, the reconstruction of faith elements centered on justice and solidarity, and the application of liberation theology to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy. By taking part in this uniting of ideas, you will find yourself in a movement of radical inclusion and love, while finding God in mysterious places.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737088448
ISBN-10: 1737088444
Publisher: Bemba Press
Publication Date: June 30th, 2021
Pages: 210
Language: English

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