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Most Marvellous Piece of Luck, a PB (Paperback)

Most Marvellous Piece of Luck, a PB By Greg Williamson Cover Image
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Poetry. Set up rather like an encyclopedia, and containing urgent information about pretty much everything--from the Big Bang to the second shooter on the grassy knoll--Greg Williamson's A MOST MARVELOUS PIECE OF LUCK is a collection of sonnets unlike any other. The main character, an unnamed Everyman--a salesman, a poet, a conspiracy wonk, "the last man left alive"--a (somewhat) loveable loser, gets knocked off in the ninth line of every entry and is thereby condemned to being "old-fashioned, out of step, passe" for the duration.

Though full of science, A MOST MARVELOUS PIECE OF LUCK is anything but forbidding, and though full of dead people, and inescapably dark, it also manages, somehow, to be hilariously funny.

The award-winning author of The Silent Partner and Errors in the Script is at the top of his game in this wildly inventive, formally spectacular and hugely accomplished book.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781904130284
ISBN-10: 1904130283
Publisher: Waywiser Press
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2008
Pages: 87
Language: English

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