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Awesome Jokes That Every 9 Year Old Should Know! (Paperback)

Awesome Jokes That Every 9 Year Old Should Know! Cover Image
By Mat Waugh, Evgeniya Averina (Illustrator)
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Which dog always wins the race?
The one with the comfortable lead

How do angry people tie their shoes?
With a crossbow

What's big, purple and smells horrible?
A monster's bottom

What's the best way to buy wallpaper online?
Just cut and paste

Here at last: the funny jokes that every nine year old needs to know.

A power pack of punchlines that's sure to get grandfathers groaning, mothers moaning and best friends begging for more.

They're all in here: the classics, twisted originals, and brand new awesome jokes. It's easy to read with illustrations throughout for extra guffaws, making this a book that kids will love from the very first page.

Give that nine year old the chance to be top dog with the smartest gags around

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999914752
ISBN-10: 1999914759
Publisher: Say So Media Ltd
Publication Date: May 7th, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English

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