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Why the Naiads Dance (Hardcover)

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Tiny sparkly Naiads dance and play in a timeless river where the colors are always changing. One little Naiad, Scarlett, stops to ask 'Why?' She wants to know who makes these changes and why can't they have pink all the time? So Scarlett and sister Rosy go on a journey to the source to find out - and they make some surprising discoveries. A read-along story for 5 - 9 years, book one of 'The Naiad Legends' is an introductory story with quirky illustrations that explains who are the Naiads of the North and how they - and we - best fit into our own Nature.

About the Author

Saga Whyte tells the stories of the old ways of the folk. She has journeyed around the world from New Zealand to Denmark and visited many places in between. Now she lives in a cottage filled with treasures and books, at the edge of a Lake, near a forest, not far from the sea and keeps company with various animals and birds. Her grandchildren love to hear tales of long ago and just yesterday. So she made them a series of books. The Naiad Legends. Sagas and legends are the familiar tales deep in our bones. Saga Whyte retells the stories with renewed sparkle and warmth.
Product Details
ISBN: 9788792632012
ISBN-10: 8792632017
Publisher: Mill House
Publication Date: February 21st, 2010
Pages: 34
Language: English
Series: Naiad Legends

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