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Big news! You can now purchase your eBooks from The Ivy Bookshop! By partnering with Kobo, a global leader in eBook technology, The Ivy is now able to offer customers access to a 3 million plus eBook catalog. Over 10 million book lovers around the world currently rely on Kobo for their eBook purchases. When you create an account with Kobo, you can shop for books just like you would at The Ivy. And you will be supporting The Ivy with every eBook purchase.

Kobo offers a wide range of state-of-the-art eReading devices, including the Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo. Both offer non-glare E-ink screens that display like print on paper. Both can store up to 1,000 eBook titles. You can order a Kobo device at kobobooks.com.


You can access the Kobo catalog using a PDF-compatible tablet, smart phone or desktop.

Once you set up a Kobo account, you will be able to download a free application instantly that provides easy access to Kobo. So if you already possess a PDF-compatible tablet, smart phone, Nook or eReader, you are just a few clicks away from being able to purchase your eBooks from The Ivy Bookshop.


1. First, set up your Kobo account at kobobooks.com
2. If you have purchased one of the new Kobo eReader devices, and once you have established a Kobo account, you can log on at kobobooks.com and begin to search for the books of your choice.
3. If you have established a Kobo account with your tablet, desktop or smart phone, you can download the free eReading app by following the instructions on the Kobo site.

You always maintain the option of searching for a specific book on the Ivy website. The Ivy book search feature is located at the upper right corner of this screen. You can use the search feature to find both traditional books and eBooks. Once you decide to purchase an eBook, simply click the eBook icon and you will be automatically linked to Kobo to complete the eBook purchase. You will need to register with Kobo in order to access the eBook feature on The Ivy Bookshop website.


Do I have to purchase a Kobo eReader to purchase Kobo eBooks?
No. Kobo eReaders offer a range of benefits, but it is not necessary to purchase a Kobo eReader in order to purchase Kobo eBooks. Kobo eBooks come in either EPUB or PDF formats, which are compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Nook, Sony Reader, Android, and in some cases, even Kindle!

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