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Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon (Kobo eBook)

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Winner of the Aboriginal Children's Book of the Year Award, 2006 Anskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival and Book Awards

Kayâs is a young Cree man who is blessed with a Gift that makes him a talented hunter. He knows the ways of the Beings he hunts and can even talk with them in their own languages. But when he becomes proud and takes his abilities for granted, he loses his gift, and the People grow hungry.

With the help of the Elders and the Beings that inhabit the water, Kayâs learns that in order to live a life of success, fulfillment and peace, he must cherish and respect the talents and skills he has been given.

Illustrated with Dale Auger's powerful, insightful paintings, Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon introduces readers to the basics of life in a Cree village. A glossary with pronunciation guide to the many Cree words and phrases used in the story is included.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781926613178
Publisher: Heritage House
Publication Date: February 1st, 2011

by Dr. Radut