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Alpha Packed - Book 3 (Kobo eBook)

Alpha Packed - Book 3 By Darla Dunbar Cover Image
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Book 3 of The Alpha Packed BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance Series

A BBW Paranormal Shifter Story

Darlene can see dead people while her lover, Idris, prepares for a life as an Exsul.

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

With Idris facing a life time as an Exsul, Darlene finds herself trying to cope with her own power of seeing and connecting with spirits. Idris is tormented by his life choices and where he ends up at the risk of shoving Darlene away from him. Then Idris' maker turns up on his doorstep with a seductive promise – to lead a pack of Exsuls for the purpose of changing the future of all werewolves to come.

Darlene struggles with her crumbling relationship with Idris and her attraction to someone new. She finds herself torn between being true to herself and trying to prop Idris up. Idris must make a choice between turning his back on everyone he loves or going with his maker to form his own pack.

Will Idris and Darlene be able to survive these trying times?

Download this book to find out.

by Dr. Radut