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IvyKids Writing and Drawing Workshops

IvyKids Writing and Drawing Workshops

In these workshops, we pair published authors and illustrators with aspiring young writers in grades 1 through 12 to cover such skills as:

  • Generating ideas
  • Using setting to bring a story to life
  • Crafting characters
  • Writing an action scene that moves
  • Creating stories without words

$30 fee includes a book and an Ivy journal. RSVP by no later than a week before the workshop by calling 410-377-2966 or emailing MarthaAtTheIvy@gmail.com.

Drawing Workshop: Bringing Characters to Life                                                                   Saturday, October 13, 6 PM

Illustrator and MICA Professor Joyce Hesselberth

Writing Workshop: Choices and Consequences                                                                   Sunday, October 21, 5 PM

Author Kathy MacMillan

Writing Workshop: On Your Marks: Writing an Action Scene that Moves                          Sunday November 10, 5 PM

Middle Grade Author Laura Shovan


Writing Workshop: Writing from Experience                                                                         Saturday, December 8, 10 AM 

Middle Grade Author Jodi Kendall

IvyKids Writing Workshop: Creating Powerful Poetry                                                          Saturday, December 15, 10 AM

Poet Tony Medina

Writing a Compelling College Essay Workshop Series

Longtime writing teacher Sarah Shellow teaches this four-workshop series to high school juniors and seniors, showing them how to reveal what makes them exceptional and to showcase the uniqueness that college admission boards are looking for—the character and individuality that go beyond test scores and GPA. $40 fee includes snacks and an Ivy journal. Advance payment is required. Limited to 20 participants per workshop. Click here to RSVP. For more information, email MarthaAtTheIvy@gmail.com.

Workshop 2: Nurturing the Seed Idea                                                                                     Monday, October 1, 7 PM

Workshop 3: Working with Structure and Finding Meaning                                                 Monday, October 22, 7 PM

Workshop 4: Polishing the Essay                                                                                            Monday, November 12, 7 PM

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