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Shirley's Corner April 27th


Shirley's Corner April 27th

Posted By: kylesolomon

Three Hours in Paris – Cara Black

I didn’t know what I wanted. Something new. Different. To take my mind off things. As much as I love Paris (we honeymooned there), I didn’t think a Vichy era espionage thriller was the ticket out of my confinement. Nothing new there. I wasn’t looking for a female Alan Furst-like heroine to lead me through shadowy alleys one step ahead of big bad Bosch. Not my thing. And then I started reading Cara Black’s newest stand-alone. Based on Hitler’s mysterious three-hour visit to Paris in1940, this propulsive and evocative page-turner took me by the hand and pulled. Hard. Right down the old bolt hole. Three days later I surfaced with a profound apology and gratitude to Cara Black for reminding me how a good book can rewire a frazzled brain. There is indeed something new under the wartime Parisian sun. No mask or visa necessary.

Redhead By the Side of the Road – Anne Tyler

My children asked for it whenever something bothered them: warm, sweet vanilla milk, one glass to be taken at bedtime - with a side of listening and hugging. The family anxiety antidote, it worked every time. As brilliant as Anne Tyler is, I don’t believe even she could have predicted how much I would need and savor her literary version of our family recipe. Nothing and everything happens to Micah Mortimer in Baltimore, a funny and sad man looking and not looking for love. How many times I wanted to reach out, hug, and offer him a sip. What a lovely surprise when he beat me to it. Thank you, Anne Tyler. Just what I needed.

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