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Shirley's Corner May 11th


Shirley's Corner May 11th

Posted By: kylesolomon

All Adults Here – Emma Straub

Once again the stars have aligned. Emma Straub has given us just what we need as we hunker down rationing toilet paper with our families: a heartwarming, multigenerational, entertaining story of flawed people trying to do better. Set in the Hudson Valley, this witty take on gender identity, abortion, bullying and extra-marital affairs is told with such charm and wisdom it feels the perfect blend of sunny inner tube float and white water navigation. Its optimism rings true. What a treat as we count down the sheets of that last roll.

Little Secrets – Jennifer Hillier

Warning: a child is kidnapped. If you’re still reading, and a taut psychological thriller is your idea of an anti-viral screen cleaner, Jennifer Hillier has whipped up a page-turning double-strength recipe. Two strong, complex women willing to do just about anything to get what they want provoke both horror and empathy. Through the twisty darkness, look for mothers who are cared for by their villainous children. A head-spinning ending leaves an extra sparkle on that wiped-clean screen.

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