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Shirley's Corner May 25th


Shirley's Corner May 25th

Posted By: kylesolomon

A Children’s Bible – Lydia Millet

Don’t let the title fool you. With a nod to Lord of the Flies, there is nothing childish about this intelligent allegory of climate change. Millet knows precisely how far to lead you down the path of snarky teen comedy only to deliver a surprise detour. Recognizable signifiers include birth in a barn, Cain and Abel, a crucifixion, a plague, Moses and a deus ex machina. This cautionary tale delivers the goods without a sermon or a soapbox
in sight. I won’t deny a certain too-close-for comfort feeling when marauders target hoarders, after an apocalyptic storm devastates northeastern United States. But this witty and twisty tale feels like just what we need right now: a quick and pleasurable page-turner, its brevity and levity belying the significance of its message. Even if you’re having trouble concentrating, this one will hold your attention well after the last page is turned.

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