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Learn to Write a Choose Your Own Adventure Story with Rana Tahir

The Ivy is pleased to welcome author Rana Tahir, author of Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan, for a Zoom workshop on writing a CYOA story! The workshop will be fun for all ages!

Purchase Rana's book, Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khanhere.


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About the Book:

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan takes YOU to Nazi-occupied France during World War II. You grew up surrounded by the lessons your parents valued the most: nonviolence, music, writing, and the arts. When World War II begins, your dreams of traveling the world and helping people are quickly changed, and you leave your life behind to spy for the Resistance as a British secret agent. Will the years of training you’ve had in the Special Operations Executive help you go undetected by your enemies? Or will the long coil of your radio antennae end up giving you away?

About the Author:

Rana Tahir is a Kundiman Fellow, a public school substitute teacher, and a teaching associate in the Department of English at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon where she earned her MFA. She was born in Pakistan and raised on the beaches of Kuwait. Tahir’s poetry and prose has been published in various literary publications and magazines such as Catch, The Interlochen Review, and Fresh! Literary Magazine. Her first book of non-fiction, a biography of the poet Countée Cullen, was published in 2016 with Cavendish Square Press. 






Event Details

Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 1:00pm



by Dr. Radut