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Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman: Nation on the Take

The Ivy Bookshop

American democracy has become coin operated. Special interest groups increasingly control every level of government. The necessity of raising huge sums of campaign cash has completely changed the character of politics and policy making, determining what elected representatives stand for and how they spend their time. The marriage of great wealth and intense political influence has rendered our country unable to address our most pressing problems, from runaway government spending to climate change to the wealth gap. It also defines our daily lives: from the cars we drive to the air we breathe to the debt we owe. 

In this powerful work of reportage, Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman, two vigilant watchdogs, expose legalized corruption and link it to the kitchen-table issues citizens face every day. Inciting our outrage, the authors then inspire us by introducing us to the army of reformers laying the groundwork for change, ready to be called into action. The battle plan for reform presented is practical, realistic and concrete. No one—except some lobbyists and major political donors—likes business as usual, and this book intends to help forge a new army of reformers who are compelled by a patriotic duty to fight for a better democracy. An impassioned, infuriating yet ultimately hopeful call to arms, Nation on the Take lays bare the reach of moneyed interests and charts a way forward, toward the recovery of America's original promise.

In 2009, Wendell Potter retired after a twenty-year career as a PR executive for health insurers to speak out on both the need for health care reform and the increasingly unchecked influence of corporate PR. In addition to serving as president of Wendell Potter Consulting, Wendell is also a columnist for The Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that produces original investigative journalism. He also writes for The Huffington Post and healthinsurance.org. His articles have appeared in many publications including Newsweek, The Nation and The Guardian.

Nicholas G. Penniman IV spent 38 years in the newspaper business. He retired in 1999 as publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and as senior vice president of newspaper operations for Pulitzer Publishing Company. Penniman is a graduate of Princeton University and did graduate work at the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania and at Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his M.A. in American Culture Studies. Deeply involved in environmental advocacy work, Penniman currently serves as a board member of the Everglades Foundation and is a past chair of American Rivers and The Conservancy of Southwest Florida. He is a past chairman of both the Washington University Interdisciplinary Environmental Law Clinic and Forest Park Forever. Penniman and his wife reside in Naples, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland—where Penniman is a board member of Preservation Maryland and the Valleys Planning Council, an advocacy organization promoting land conservation and sustainable agriculture in northern Baltimore County.






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Sunday, March 6, 2016 - 5:30pm


The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

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