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Marcie Roman: Journey to the Parallels (In Conversation with Suzanne Barefoot)

Join The Ivy in celebrating the launch of Marcie Roman's debut middle grade novel, Journey to the Parallels! This special book launch welcomes Marcie Roman back to the neighborhood where she first learned to love writing, this time to celebrate her new brilliant, curiosity-driven, big-hearted novel. Marcie will be in conversation with Suzanne Barefoot. This event will take place outdoors, on The Ivy's back patio.

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Baltimore native Marcie Roman discovered the joys of reading and storytelling while growing up in area libraries, classrooms, and backyards, always with a book in hand. Through a degree in film from Northwestern University, an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and a career in theater and film production, she continues to engage with the world of the imagination. Marcie is a fiction editor for The Baltimore Review, and her short stories have appeared in multiple literary journals. Winner of the 2020 Kraken Book Prize for Middle Grade Fiction, Journey to the Parallels is her first novel. To learn more, please visit her online at marcieroman.com.

Suzanne Barefoot grew up in a house full of books and lively literary discussion and has spent her life immersed in the world of literature. A former middle school English teacher, Suzanne shifted her career goals and earned her MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. After serving as a manuscript reader for Hunger Mountain Review and interning at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, she opened her own business, Tin Lantern Editorial, where she offers developmental editing services to both emerging and established writers. Suzanne currently lives in Pennsylvania with her partner, their rambunctious labradoodle, and a rescue turtle. And, of course, lots and lots of books. 


About Journey to the Parallels

Twelve-year-old Amber has the ordinary problems of a seventh grader: strained friendships, an annoying younger brother, and, ugh, why can’t her eccentric, single mother just act normal for once? When that wish comes true, Amber suspects it’s not just her mother’s behavior that’s changed, but her actual mother. So where did her real mother go? Amber puts her best investigative efforts to work and discovers that one of her mother’s silly claims—that they can view a parallel world in the window of an old industrial building—isn’t so silly after all.

Amber’s search takes her and her younger brother through the window and into a world that, like their mother, seems familiar on the surface but isn’t quite right. There’s the surveillance for one thing. And so many rules and regulations, especially for families with single mothers. And since when don’t girls play sports? Amber does her best to adjust to this alternate reality. At least her friends like her again and the school work is so easy. Plus, her mother lets them eat dessert and tries to fit in. However, as their lives in the parallel world grow increasingly unstable, Amber realizes that avoiding action isn’t an option. But how in the world, the parallel or real one, will they get home?

Through this “gutsy and relatable young heroine,” Amber reminds us that everyone, even mathematically-challenged tweens with friend and family issues, has within them the power to effect change.







Event Details

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 6:00pm


The Ivy Bookshop, Back Patio, 5928 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21209

by Dr. Radut