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Mario Livio: Why?: What Makes Us Curious

The Ivy Bookshop

Astrophysicist and author Mario Livio investigates perhaps the most human of all our characteristics – curiosity – as he explores our innate desire to know why. Experiments demonstrate that people are more distracted when they overhear a phone conversation (where they can know only one side of the dialogue) than when they overhear two people talking and know both sides. Why does half a conversation make us more curious than a whole conversation? In the ever-fascinating Why? Mario Livio interviewed scientists in several fields to explore the nature of curiosity.

Mario Livio is an internationally known astrophysicist, a bestselling author and a popular speaker, who has appeared on The Daily Show, 60 Minutes and NOVA. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Besides Why?:What Makes Us Curious, he is the author of The Golden Ratio, for which he received the International Pythagoras Prize and the Peano Prize; The Equation That Couldn’t Be Solved; Is God a Mathematician? (which was the basis for the 2016 Emmy-nominated NOVA program “The Great Math Mystery”); The Accelerating Universe; and the national bestseller Brilliant Blunders. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.






Event Details

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 7:00pm


The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

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