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Stephen J. Vicchio: Abraham Lincoln's Religion: An Essay on One Man's Faith

The Ivy Bookshop

This work is a summary and analysis of Abraham Lincoln's religion. The study begins with a description of the earliest relations Mr. Lincoln had with religion--his parents' dedication to a sect known as the "Separate Baptists." By late adolescence, Lincoln began to reject his parents' faith, and he appears to have been a religious skeptic until his marriage to Mary Todd. After his marriage, he attended Protestant services with his wife and family, but there is little evidence that he was deeply religious at that time. Lincoln knew the Scriptures quite well, but it was not until the death of his two sons, Eddie in 1850 and Willie in 1862, that as he put it,  he “became more intensely concerned with God's Plan for humankind."

Stephen J. Vicchio was Professor of Philosophy at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore before retirement. He is the author or editor of two dozen books, including The Image of the Biblical Job, Biblical Figures in the Islamic Faith, and Jefferson's Religion, all published by Wipf & Stock.







Event Details

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 7:00pm


The Ivy Bookshop
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