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Baltimore’s premier speculative fiction reading series! This month’s readers are David D. Levine, Sherri Cook Woosley, Sam J. Miller, and Julie C. Day.

David D. Levine is the author of Arabella of Mars (winner of the Andre Norton Award)  and its sequels, Arabella and the Battle of Venus and Arabella the Traitor of Mars, and over fifty SF and fantasy stories. His story “Tk’Tk’Tk” won the Hugo, and he has been shortlisted for other awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, and Sturgeon. His stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, F&SF, Tor.com, numerous Year’s Best anthologies, and his award-winning collection Space Magic.

In Arabella the Traitor of Mars, the tyrant Napoleon has been defeated, with Arabella and the crew of the Diana leading the final charge. At last husband and wife, Arabella and Captain Singh, seem to have earned the attention of great men, ones who have new uses in mind for the Mars Company captain and his young wife. Both Company and Crown have decided that it is time to bring Mars into the folds of  the Empire, and they think Singh is the perfect man to do it. Now, Arabella must decide between staying loyal to the man she loves and the country of her father or betraying all that she has known to fight alongside the Martians in a hopeless resistance against the Solar System's last remaining superpower...

Sherri Cook Woosley earned an MA in English Literature from the University of Maryland, where she taught both Academic Writing and World Mythology classes. She has short stories published in Abyss & Apex Magazine, Pantheon Magazine, and Flash Fiction Magazine

Walking Through Fire:  A Misbegotten Novel  is Sherri’s debut novel and features a mother who will do anything to protect her son -- even if she becomes an unwilling warrior in a fight between the reawakened Mesopotamian gods. 

In Walking Through Fire, the end of the world begins as literal fire rains down from the heavens. Ancient gods are released from their prison, eager to reestablish their long-lost power. But Rachel Deneuve has bigger, more contemporary concerns than a divine war.

Her son Adam is in the middle of a fight against leukemia, and Rachel is determined to keep focused on that battle. But when humans begin picking sides and the fighting escalates, their home in Baltimore becomes a war zone, one she can’t ignore.

Eventually, the cancerous cells in Adam's body begin evolving as well, threatening his life and forcing Rachel to venture back into the eye of the storm. Left with no other choice but to sacrifice her own freedom for her son's safety, she must become an unwilling warrior in a battle unlike anything seen in millennia, or lose everything she holds dear.

Sherri maintains a blog at www.tasteofsherri.wordpress.com and is on Twitter at  @SherriWoosley.

Sam J. Miller is a writer and a community organizer.  His debut novel The Art of Starving was one of NPR's Best Books of 2017, and won the Andre Norton Award for Best Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel. His first novel for adults, Blackfish City, was published in 2018, and was an Entertainment Weekly "Must Read." His stories have been nominated for the Nebula, World Fantasy, and Theodore Sturgeon Awards, and have appeared in over a dozen "year's best" anthologies. He's a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Workshop, and a winner of the Shirley Jackson Award. He lives in New York City. Find out more at www.samjmiller.com

In Blackfish City, a mysterious woman arrives in the floating Arctic city of Qaanaaq, in a future where rising seas have caused dramatic geopolitical changes. She's accompanied by an orca and a polar bear, on a mission that might be bloody and might be beautiful and might be both. 

Julie C. Day has published over thirty stories in magazines such as Interzone, Podcastle, Black Static, and Split Lip Magazine. Her debut collection, Uncommon Miracles, is available from PS Publishing. In another exciting first, Julie has created a tabletop story game, Divided Lights, coming from Evil Hat Productions. 

Julie’s fiction reflects her relish for the esoteric and scientific. She’s spent an inordinate amount of time researching such topics as the damselfly Ischnura hastata, the ancient city of Teotihuacan, quantum refrigerators, and the late-nineteenth-century Orphan Trains.

In Uncommon Miracles, A grieving man travels through time via a car crash. A family of matriarchs collects recipes for the dead. A woman gains an unexpected child in the midst of a bunny apocalypse. An outcast finds work in a magical slaughterhouse. Day’s debut collection is rife with dark and twisted tales made beautiful by her gorgeous prose and wonderfully idiosyncratic imagination. Melding aspects of Southern Gothic and fabulism, and utilizing the author’s own scientific background, Day’s carefully rendered settings are both delightful and unexpected. Whether set in a uniquely altered version of Florida’s Space Coast or a haunted island off the coast of Maine, each story in this collection carries its own brand of meticulous and captivating weirdness.

Julie lives in a small town in New England with her partner, children, a menagerie of animals, and an increasing amount of clutter and dust. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine and a Masters of Science in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts. You can find her at @thisjulieday or on her blog stillwingingit.com.






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