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Writing Literary Genre Workshop

The Ivy Bookshop

Genre or speculative fiction is commonly maligned as being formulaic and having flat characters. Many authors are familiar with the term, "airport writing," suggesting that works of genre fiction are meant for quick consumption without engaging the reader in further thought. 

However, numerous authors have written work that defies strict classification as genre or literary. Toni Morrison's Beloved is a ghost story. Colson Whitehead’s Zone One is a zombie novel. Zora Neal Hurston wrote myth and folklore for Jonah’s Gourd Vine and Seraph on the Suwanee. Stephen King's IT is monster horror with intense thematic exploration of racism and sexism. 

This workshop focuses on the craft specifics needed to create works that push the boundaries and blur the distinction between genre and literary writing. Students will produce and evaluate work that is defined by theme, language, and character, but which also has a clear basis in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or noir.

About the Instructor: Justin Sanders is a “ghost” from Baltimore and the author of for all the other ghosts. His words have appeared most recently in American Short Fiction.

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Event Details

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 6:30pm


Bird In Hand
11 E. 33rd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

by Dr. Radut