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Writers LIVE: D.J. Wilson: Baltimore’s Historic Oakenshawe: From Colonial Land Grant to Streetcar Suburb

Enoch Pratt Free Library

The story of Baltimore's historic Oakenshawe neighborhood is a tale of two families and a dream to create an idyllic place. The powerful Wilson family made fortunes in colonial shipping and established a summer estate for more than one hundred years. The Mueller families were prominent Baltimore builders, and Phillip C. Mueller envisioned an upscale community of terraced townhomes on the Wilson estate. After purchasing the property, he died suddenly, and his family banded together to create a vibrant "streetcar suburb" providing affordable homes along newly accessible streetcar routes.

D.J. Wilson has lived in Oakenshawe with his partner, John Farley, for the past twenty-four years. After earning degrees in biology (Northern Illinois University) and medicinal chemistry (University of Maryland-Baltimore), he established a long career in medical research. Before retiring, the author developed an interest in the history of the Oakenshawe neighborhood and applied his scientific research skills to historical records related to Oakenshawe. He is a member of the Maryland Historical Society, the Historical Society of Baltimore County, the Baltimore City Historical Society and Friends of Maryland's Olmstead Parks and Landscapes and Baltimore Heritage.

Books will be available for purchase at a signing following the program.






Event Details

Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 6:00pm


Enoch Pratt Free Library Waverly Branch
400 E. 33rd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

by Dr. Radut