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Posey Boicourt: Blue Tulip (CANCELLED)

The Ivy Bookshop

This event has been postponed, watch this space for a new date.

The Ivy is pleased to welcome Posey Boicourt for a reading of her memoir Blue Tulip, an Artistic Adventure with Painter Francois Joseph Kinsoen and his Niece Adele.

In this charming memoir supported by substantial historical research, Posey Boicourt (Blue Tulip) sets out on a series of adventures to rediscover the forgotten world of an 19th –century Belgian portrait painter in her family.

Francois Joseph Kinsoen left Bruges to seek work in Paris after the French Revolution, rising through the burgeoning ranks of portraitists of the period to paint members of Napoleon’s family, military leaders, royalty and high society of France, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  He also painted portraits of his own family including Adele Kinsoen (Boicourt’s great great grandmother), featured on the cover. Adele lived with her Uncle Francois at the height of his career before immigrating to Chicago in 1848.

While hot on the trail of her artist uncle, the author assumes a new identity.  “Blue Tulip” writes home to friends and family as she tries to bridge two worlds.  Her book is filled with line drawings and high resolution photographs of Kinsoen’s beautiful paintings.  A final Portfolio Section contains individual essays on fourteen selected works.

Posey Boicourt’s late blooming passion for investigation and art detective work was fueled by a rich background of close family, two degrees in anthropology with a focus on sociocultural networks and their influence on the individual artist, and an early stint as writer for the James Michener Collection of Twentieth Century American Art, University of Texas, Austin. She has taught art and continues to experiment with a wide variety of art media.






Event Details

Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 5:00pm


The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21209

by Dr. Radut