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The Virtual Lookalike (Paperback)

The Virtual Lookalike By Ruth Rowinsky (Translator), Robert Shveytser (Editor), Moshe Menasheof Cover Image
By Ruth Rowinsky (Translator), Robert Shveytser (Editor), Moshe Menasheof
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Somewhere in Israel, a mysterious explosion underneath the massive, recently-built Taylor Institute obliterates the building and triggers a search and rescue that uncovers strange and unexpected events. Four men tasked with solving the mystery join forces on a quest of epic proportions. What follows is a deep spiritual search and discovery that has the potential to shatter our beliefs of our world and our universe. As the men try to unearth the clues that may lead to the missing scientists' disappearance, a powerful and unique set of computers is discovered. Through the use of these machines the men, with the help of computer experts, try to recreate the last moments before the explosion. What they discover instead will shock and transform them. A quest to find out just what was going on beneath the ground turns into a theological discussion with the reader. Just what were the scientists trying to create in their secret lab? Did they succeed? Follow the team, led by Arik and Yaron, and overseen by the powerful Mr. Taylor, as they uncover clues to solve the grand puzzle, and embark on a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery that applies to everyone who has questions about our universe. The Virtual Lookalike is a fascinating philosophical science-fiction novel, in which the invention of a computer with infinite abilities is just the beginning. It is also the foundation that allows the creation of an environment similar to our own world. Thus, the book creates an all-inclusive parallel world with the same laws of nature, and leaves us wondering what would happen if, for example, due to a colossal malfunction, the driving force is cut off and as a result all the movement in that world - all the way down to the electrons - ceases. Will time stop?After letting the readers into its theoretical laboratory, the book leaves them to wander around in their own imagination and continue the experimenting as they see fit.The Virtual Lookalike will leave you speechless as it mixes elements of theology and science fiction, as well as a mystery and humor to create what can only be called a new genre of book. Moshe Menasheof is a Philosophy and History graduate. He has written several books which include themes of romance, philosophy, and science-fiction. This is his first science-fiction book translated into English.
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ISBN: 9781549630330
ISBN-10: 1549630334
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 15th, 2019
Pages: 338
Language: English

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