Rentals at The Ivy Bookshop

The Ivy Bookshop, located at 5928 Falls Road in Baltimore, is a community gathering space anchored by a vibrant bookstore. We’re delighted to partner with you to bring our interior and exterior spaces alive. We’re eager to hear how our spaces and services can help actualize your gathering, and make it meaningful.

As with many good things, the spirit of The Ivy is best conveyed in person. We invite you to drop by The Ivy anytime we’re open (10-7 daily) to get a sense of the spaces available to you and yours.

Our spacious gardens function like a public park and are open for your drop-in use every day. Renting the garden is only necessary in the case of a large event – for example, one that will use a tent or sound and require that The Ivy reserve the space accordingly.

To determine which of these rental options will be the best fit for your gathering, please email to set up a 15-minute consultation call.

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