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Nancy Wake: Fearless Spy of World War II (Hardcover)

Nancy Wake: Fearless Spy of World War II By Jessica Gunderson, Alice Larsson (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jessica Gunderson, Alice Larsson (Illustrator)
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In the early 1940s, during World War II, Germany's Nazi regime expanded into neighboring European countries. In France, groups of anti-Nazi citizens, known as the French Resistance, fought to stop Germany's reign of terror. A brave woman named Nancy Wake became one of the movement's greatest assets as a spy. In her role, Wake often transported Jews to safe locations and rode her bicycle through German checkpoints to deliver messages and supplies. For her ability to avoid capture, the enemy nicknamed her the "White Mouse." In this full-color graphic novel, discover more about this fearless woman who faced the enemies of World War II.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781666334128
ISBN-10: 166633412X
Publisher: Capstone Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English

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