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Annihilation Aria (MP3 CD)

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Max is a cheery xeno-archeologist from Earth, stranded and trying to find a way home. Lahra is a stern warrior of a nearly extinct race, searching for her people's heir. Wheel is the couple's cybernetic pilot, running from her past and toward an unknown future. On Wheel's ship the Kettle, the trio traverses the galaxy, dodging Imperial patrols and searching ancient temples and ruins for anything they can sell. Back on the Wreck, their home and base of operations, they're deeply in debt to the drifting city's most powerful gangster, and she wants her money back. So when a dangerous but promising job comes their way, Max, Lahra, and Wheel have little choice but to take it. But the crew of the Kettle gets more than they bargained for when they find themselves in possession of a powerful artifact--one that puts them squarely in the crosshairs of the Vsenk, the galaxy's ruthless and oppressive imperial overlords. Can they evade space fascists, kick-start a rebellion, and save the galaxy, all while they each try to find their own way home?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781690593638
ISBN-10: 1690593636
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: August 10th, 2020
Language: English

by Dr. Radut