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Play It Again, Sam (Paperback)

Play It Again, Sam By M. C. Goldrick Cover Image
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Three kids. Three magical amber cubes. Countless questions. Can they find the answers?
Looking for something to get kids reading? Off screens and into books? Something different? Something fun? Get them TIMEFLIES, what the Miramichi Reader calls "A sure bet for getting middle-graders to read something worthwhile."

Witness history unfold as Griz, Sam, and Alisha travel through time and space disguised as common houseflies. Watching as flies on the wall, young readers are entertained as they learn, laugh and empathize with the generations that came before.

In TimeFlies: Play it Again, Sam, the second book in the series, the TIMEFLIES ask how Sam and Alisha's ancestors became Canadians. While eluding natural predators and befriending insects, they observe the social conditions of the 1860's. Through an action-packed, and humorous adventure, readers witness the realities of life in those times.

Book #2 of the TIMEFLIES Adventure Series.

Back Cover Description:

Fly back 151 years to watch as Sam and Alisha's ancestors become Canadian. Set in the great outdoors, there are more than three flies on this adventure.

Series Information:
TIMEFLIES is a series of adventures in which three friends pose questions about their families. Transformed into flies, they are transported to the time and place holding the answer.

Lightly sprinkled with science, geography, history, and flyswatters, TIMEFLIES is enjoyably educational. Humorous and action-packed, readers engage emotionally as the characters learn what motivates their families' behaviours, fostering empathy and understanding.

Bonus Materials are included at the back of each book and online. Activities and discussion topics invite readers and educators to continue the learning adventure when the book is done.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781775223122
ISBN-10: 1775223124
Publisher: Motherbutterfly Books
Publication Date: June 16th, 2018
Pages: 106
Language: English

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