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Royal Gambit: (Antecedent series book 3) (Paperback)

Royal Gambit: (Antecedent series book 3) By David Kimberley Cover Image
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ROYAL GAMBIT is the third book of the Antecedent series and a direct sequel to Nova Descent; the latest chapter in this gritty space opera set in a universe of intelligent warfare, intrigue and suspense.

The corporations are in disarray.

As Sapphire Nova succumbs to a terrifying new enemy and Taurus Galahad recover from their wounds, it is the wronged Sigma Royal who make the next move against those who caused their home world's demise, sparking a new war that will ultimately affect millions across the populated systems.

With Kurcher and his allies fighting to repel threats from all corners of the galaxy, they inevitably find themselves once again at the heart of battles old and new in their bid to survive, setting them on a collision course with corporations, mercenaries and the nightmare spawned from the Grail itself.

Galahad Suns introduced you to the human empire spanning the known galaxy along with the wars being fought between corporations while mercenaries, pirates and terrorists wreaked havoc of their own. When exploration finds remnants of alien technology, it leads to a race to harness the unknown power that ultimately awakens a new horror in the void of deep space.

Nova Descent brought you the fallout of the epic battle between a rogue fleet and those reluctant saviours standing in their way. When one corporation declares all-out war, it can only lead to death, destruction and the rise of new powers across the galaxy, including a threat to the whole human race the likes of which they have never seen.

Now, Royal Gambit brings you the next thrilling instalment where it is the end for some but only the beginning for others. Corporations head towards a destructive endgame while those in the shadows finally emerge to wrestle control and establish themselves as new powers in the galaxy, and the mystery of the alien technology is solved, creating a new nightmare.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781912576074
ISBN-10: 1912576074
Publisher: GB Publishing Org
Publication Date: February 25th, 2023
Pages: 236
Language: English

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