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Even Trade (Paperback)

Even Trade By Tj Arant Cover Image
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One murdered blackmailer. Three blackmail targets.

Which one did it?

Still without steady employment, still living too hard and fast, Jackson Trade seems to have finally caught a break. He's been hired by the University to monitor a growing protest movement on campus and in the city.

But when Jackson's friend, local activist and amateur blackmailer, Tippy Taylor, leaves Jackson five grand and the goods on the people he's blackmailing, Jackson's instinct is to keep the string going. That's because Taylor was murdered, and one of them probably did it.

Suddenly Jackson has too much on his plate, and the stakes are impossibly high. One murder lead after another turns into a dead end, while the protests are building to a two-day flashpoint that has an entire city on edge. Jackson will have to make a choice. Rise to the occasion and do both jobs right, or sink back into the Nashville night.

He knows which path is easier. He knows which one is right. But is it an Even Trade?

This is Hardboiled Southern.

All. Day. Long.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215626566
Publisher: Tj Arant
Publication Date: April 13th, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English

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