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The Mumtaz Chronicles: The Women Who Rule (Paperback)

The Mumtaz Chronicles: The Women Who Rule By Jameel Anne Johnson Cover Image
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Treacherous secrets come to light as the women of the Royal Harem are caught between a rebellious prince and his dominating father.

The Women Who Rule is Book Two in the series of historical fiction novellas that tell the epic tale of life for women in 16th century India.

The Mumtaz Chronicles describes a world where nothing royal women said or did was allowed to be documented. So dramatic tales of betrayal and deception are told here from the point of view of the women, as they worked to manage the men that imprisoned them.

Could knowing the empire's darkest secrets jeopardize the lives of these women as they use their influence to manage the richest, most powerful empire of the time?
Product Details
ISBN: 9798370283093
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 14th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English

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