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Neuss: Kath. Pfarrkirche Hl. Dreikonig (Kleine Kunstfuhrer #1806) By Max Tauch Cover Image
Special Order
Cross: Meditations and Images By Prince of Wales Foreword by Charles, Serena Fass Cover Image
Special Order
The Face of Christ in Sonora/El Rostro del Senor En Sonora By James S. Griffith, Francisco Javier Manzo Taylor Cover Image
Special Order
Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future By Mariam Ayad (Editor) Cover Image
By Mariam Ayad (Editor)
Special Order
Menschwerden Aus Passion: Das Religiose in Der Malerei Von Rudolf Hausner (1914-1995) (Praktische Theologie Heute #130) By Matthias Marks Cover Image
Special Order
Manichaean Art in Berlin Collections (Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum: Series Archaeologica Et Iconogr #1) By Z. Gulacsi Cover Image
Special Order
La Cappadoce de L'Antiquite Au Moyen Age (Bibliotheque de L'Antiquite Tardive #4) By Nicole Thierry Cover Image
Special Order
The Renaissance Pulpit: Art and Preaching in Tuscany, 1400-1550 (Brepols Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies #6) By Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby Cover Image
Special Order
Last Things: Art and the Religious Imagination in the Age of Reform (Proteus #2) By Christine Gottler Cover Image
Special Order
UT Pictura Meditatio: The Meditative Image in Northern Art, 1500-1700 (Proteus #4) By Ralph Dekoninck (Editor), Agnes Guiderdoni-Brusle (Editor), Walter S. Melion (Editor) Cover Image
By Ralph Dekoninck (Editor), Agnes Guiderdoni-Brusle (Editor), Walter S. Melion (Editor)
Special Order
Early Buddhist Art of China and Central Asia, Volume 1 (Handbook of Oriental Studies: Section 4 China #12) By Marylin M. Rhie Cover Image
Special Order
At the Crossroads of Art and Religion: Imagination, Commitment, Transcendence (Groningen Studies in Cultural Change #34) By Th Zock (Editor) Cover Image
By Th Zock (Editor)
Special Order


by Dr. Radut