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Words and Artworks in Byzantium: Twelfth-Century Poetry on Art from MS. Marcianus Gr. 524 By Foteini Spingou Cover Image
Special Order
Imagining the Divine: Art in Religions of Late Antiquity Across Eurasia (British Museum Research Publications #234) By Jaś Elsner (Editor), Rachel Wood (Editor) Cover Image
By Jaś Elsner (Editor), Rachel Wood (Editor)
Special Order
Allegories of the Odyssey (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library #56) By John Tzetzes, Adam J. Goldwyn (Translator), Dimitra Kokkini (Translator) Cover Image
By John Tzetzes, Adam J. Goldwyn (Translator), Dimitra Kokkini (Translator)
Special Order
Early Creedal Formulations and Theological Discourse By Mark A. Moore Cover Image
Special Order
Stoudios Monastery in Istanbul: History, Architecture and Art By Tarkan Okcuoglu, Esra Kudde, Nicholas Melvani Cover Image
Special Order
Reviving Empires: Rome to Constantinople By William C. Bird Cover Image
Special Order
The Transition to Late Antiquity on the Lower Danube: Excavations and Survey at Dichin, a Late Roman to Early Byzantine Fort and a Roman Aqueduct By Andrew Poulter Cover Image
Special Order
Cutting-Edge Technologies in Ancient Greece: Materials Science Applied to Trace Ancient Technologies in the Aegean World By Marina Panagiotaki (Editor), Ilias Tomazos (Editor), Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos (Editor) Cover Image
Special Order
1453: The Conquest of Constantinople: 2014 Medieval Warfare Special Edition By Dirk Van Gorp (Editor) Cover Image
By Dirk Van Gorp (Editor)
Special Order
Rome and Byzantium in the Visigothic Kingdom: Beyond Imitatio Imperii (Late Antique and Early Medieval Iberia) By Damián Fernández (Editor), Molly Lester (Editor), Jamie Wood (Editor) Cover Image
By Damián Fernández (Editor), Molly Lester (Editor), Jamie Wood (Editor)
Special Order
Fragments of 'Chronicle' By Hippolytus of Thebes, D. P. Curtin (Translator) Cover Image
Special Order
Hypatia By Silvia Ronchey Cover Image
Special Order


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